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Several times this past week I heard reports of people saying “WordPress Sucks.” In every case it was someone who really doesn’t know WordPress. It was a person (not a web developer) or a business owner who inherited a WordPress website and struggled to work with it. Even some young people who “know everything about technology” sometimes hate WordPress.

I personally think that WordPress is awesome and 10 years ago I committed to focusing my business around it. That said, WordPress is incredibly diverse and there are many less than mediocre plugins and ways of building a WordPress website.

Why is the WordPress Experience so Dramatically Different?

Because I offer excellent customer service and tech support, I’ve taken over many websites for clients who were disappointed with their previous web person. Based on seeing so many of what I would call “Bad Websites” I have noticed some common elements about most websites.

The main takeaways of seeing how other WordPress websites are built for paying customers:

  1. Most Web Designers are building websites with templates (themes).
  2. Most use commercial themes from Themeforest or other “Theme Shops”
    1. Most themes use a low end “Page Builder” like JS Composer or a variant of that which is VERY hard for non techies to learn how to use. Even the good page builders have a learning curve and require discipline and a design aesthetic to use.
    2. Customization is limited to fonts and colors
    3. Some websites are literally “Fill in the blank” websites where the web designer just added content and pictures and collected his or her fee
    4. SEO is horrendous
    5. Most themes that designers use are bloated (Slow, too many features etc.)
    6. Most shopping cart websites are WooCommerce which I abhor.

If my first experience with WordPress was with one of the sites I’ve taken over with many, many problems I would say “WordPress Sucks” too! I’m not surprised. There are sites that I hate working on because the software used is so clunky. I’d rather use the classic editor any day than a low end page builder because they truly do suck!

What About Other Services like Wix, Squarespace, and Google Sites?

Wix, Squarespace and Google Sites are essentially template based.

But Wix is designed for multiple types of people. People who want to create a custom design. Wix is pretty good for that.

Wix Logo

Why is Wix Suddenly Being Used by So Many Small Businesses?

  • They advertise like crazy!
  • The built in SEO is quite good.
  • It is easy to use.
  • No updates required
  • No Backups required (But you could lose your data and/or all of your file)
  • No complications like Web Hosting.
  • Low Cost.

Where Wix fails against WordPress.

  • You only have ONE choice for every tool you need (WordPress has a many options to accomplish your goals).
  • You don’t have control – if you want to do something that you can’t do with Wix but can do with WordPress you are stuck. Wix doesn’t allow you to export your content. You are stuck. The bigger your website the harder it is to leave Wix because you have to manually move every tiny bit of data, image or video.
  • There is no e-commerce.
  • There are few integrations with other online applications.
  • If you have a good developer like Empowered Marketing you can have a completely custom design.

So what is the big problem with Wix?

There are 2 big problems actually..

  • Wix Has a Terrible Reputation for Lack of Customer Support.
  • Wix Makes it Hard to Get Your Data when you Want to Leave.

WordPress logo as if it were etched into steel - graphic design by Frank's Designs Empowered Marketing
WordPress is Solid – Graphic by Empowered Marketing

What If You Want The Most Flexibility And You Want To Own Your Data?

WordPress is the way to go and with awesome customer support like WPTechGuru you can rest assured that your website:

  • is secure
  • up to date and
  • backed up every which way
  • is really fast
  • and the data is yours

You could even switch platforms someday if you wanted to and we would make easy for you because we are true professionals and have a no haggle policy.

If you choose to build your website with us your SEO will be baked in.

What If I Want to Work on My Own Website?

You have to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How open to learning am I?
  2. Am I disciplined about layout and design?
  3. Do I follow instructions well (this is particularly important for SEO and following ADA guidelines)
  4. Do I have time?
  5. Do I mind if my website doesn’t use best practices?

This isn’t intended to demean anyone but having worked with dozens of people who want to “do it themselves” I can say that 100% of them failed in terms of attention to detail that a professional would have. So, Focus on What You do Best!