Is your webmaster asleep at the wheel? Two Weeks ago WordPress 4.7.2 was released with the strong recommendation that webmasters and website owners update their websites immediately. Often with these releases vulnerabilities that are patched by the update are announced. Guess what? Hackers read these notices too and 100,000+ website and counting have been defaced.

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WPTechGuru keeps all WordPress sites under our management 100% up to date to protect you from hackers. You might be saying these things if you are nervous about updating?

“What if something breaks?

Instead of going backwards to an old version of a plugin or WordPress we push forwards, find out what is wrong, and we fix it.

What if I can’t fix it?

WPTechGuru has an experienced team. What will we do? It depends. If an old version of a plugin is not a security risk we can revert it so that the website is functional until the problem is resolved. This recently happened when a problem with one plugin indirectly caused another plugin to “break” causing a login error and finally causing the website to display a blank page with an error message on every page. We solved this problem immediately by researching and reverting one of the plugins and restoring all affected websites to full operation within minutes.

What if the old version of a plugin is a security risk and the new plugin breaks the website?

Again it depends. We keep your site running no matter what. If necessary we may have to edit a plugin directly until a future patch is released. WPTechGuru can handle any problem.

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