Are you wondering what kind of support would best meet your WordPress website needs: a Maintenance Plan or a Managed Hosting Plan? If so, this article will help you decide.

First let’s define the terms: Webmaster, WordPress Management Plan, WordPress Maintenance Plan and Managed WordPress Hosting plan:

  • A Webmaster is someone who is familiar with web design and website administration including some basic web server management
  • Management is stuff you want done (adding content, modifying a design, adding a form)
  • Maintenance is stuff that needs to be done to keep your site running, safe and secure (Website Administration)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting is WordPress Hosting that includes Maintenance and Administration

A Bit of History | The Demise of the Webmaster

How did figuring out how to support your website get so confusing? Well, in the 1990s a “webmaster” did management, administration and usually hosting too. Back then most sites were developed primarily with HTML code. Later “web designers” began creating websites with WordPress and other tools, this exploded in 2010.

These entities did not take on the responsibility of hosting or administration for the site. That fell back onto the client, or business entity. While clients were used to paying for hosting in the past, they were not used to being responsible for the technicalities of maintenance and administration.

Essentially, nobody was minding the store. Unfortunately for some this led to many sites being hacked or defaced (millions of WordPress sites in 2017 alone). Others ran into technical problems or crashes. All because websites weren’t being looked after and maintained and in some cases because of bad design decisions.

Enter “Managed Hosting”

Thus, “Managed Hosting” became popular. This wasn’t exclusive to WordPress but it exploded because it was a way to increase the bottom line for the hosting companies. What was included with Managed Hosting varied wildly across the web. “Managed WordPress Hosting” or “Managed WordPress” was a little bit more consistent and it was offered both directly to the site owners and to designers. Because there are different markets the pricing varies widely from super cheap, generic plans from GoDaddy to $5,000/mo. for large players like webmasters or enterprise solutions.

WordPress Management, Maintenance and Hosting Models WordPress Management and Maintenance Graphic

Most Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Include:

  1. Updates (usually Automatic) of your WordPress core files, themes and plugins
  2. Backups
  3. Caching

Where things are very different are the terms and conditions:

  1. Fees for tech support (resolving problems)
  2. Limits on visitors per month
  3. Limits on plugins
  4. Hidden fees
  5. Limits on how you can contact the provider
  6. Special WordPress configurations that make it hard to move your website to another hosting company
  7. Usually no Management tasks are included (things you want done)

How to Compare Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  1. Read the Small Print
  2. Ask Questions
    1. Will I have access to cPanel? (many plans don’t provide cPanel at all, we do)
    2. Are there any potential fees I need to be aware of?
    3. What are your responsibilities?
    4. What if I want some work done? do I got to a virtual assistant? A designer? A developer?
    5. What happens if I want to change web hosts? Are there any fees?
  3. Think About Your Needs

Wait a Minute. What About WordPress Management?

There are many WordPress Management solutions out there and most often they include some maintenance tasks like:

  • Updates to WordPress (core, themes and plugins)
  • Backups

In short management companies add value to their service, which they are outsourcing offshore, by adding maintenance tasks which used to be handled by a webmaster.

But Wait! They usually DO NOT include:

  • Tech Support except for a fee
  • and Web Wosting

The WordPress Maintenance Disconnect

If a management / maintenance company doesn’t handle your hosting then they will be hampered when there is a problem. WordPress is database driven! If something goes wrong it is ideal to have full access to the hosting including ability to reach server technicians without having to go though the end user. AND who better to talk to the server technician than an experienced webmaster.

This is where you save time with WPTechGuru. With our plans, you don’t have to worry about hosting, maintenance or management. You can go back focusing on what you do best.

Managed WordPress Hosting Disconnects

Low-cost Managed WordPress Hosting is targeting end users not professionals. As an end user you are free to make mistakes – if you choose a bloated theme, or a slow social media plugin then you are starting a downward spiral to a slow website. When you hire a experienced professional (who pays attention to Page Speed) you can avoid those and many other problems.

Most Managed WordPress Hosting solutions have specific caching settings. Every website is different so an all in one caching solution built into your hosting account doesn’t allow your webmaster to optimize your website even more to get truly blazing fast page speed.

Most Managed WordPress hosting products are Maintenance Only and do not provide management services.

You get all four services from WPTechGuru:

  • An experienced webmaster
  • WordPress management
  • WordPress maintenance and
  • premium web hosting