WPTechGuru makes websites faster. Every website we have taken on that was built by someone else was slow and “bloated”. Nobody likes bloated. What this means with websites is that they are loading too many files, and are not designed to be efficient. As part of every project we take on we work to improve your page speed and page weight. But! Nothing is better than building it right in the first place! “Page Speed” on GTMetrix is a set of criteria that is measured on the website. “Page Weight” is literally how big the sum of the file sizes of all files required to download the entire page (Fonts, Images, Javascript files CSS files etc.). Lately we’ve seen posts on web developer forums saying that page speed scores don’t matter. This is because a perfect score can be attained with a very large web page but they don’t take into account page weight.

There is even an argument going around web design forums that only the hosting matters for speed. Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, hosting matters a lot, but hosting can’t make a bloated website compete with a lean one. This is especially true for mobile devices because downloading gigabytes of files takes a long time and that means that the website won’t function right for many seconds. This is why we focus on “Fully Loaded Time” for your website. A lean, well-built website will load faster on every type of device and function fully.

In the past it was considered OK to strip away features on the mobile versions of your website but today that is considered a bad practice.

Analytics Tracking and Impact on Page Speed

There is another argument by the companies offering advanced analytics tracking, live chat and a zillion other widgets to add to your website. They claim that only the “first contentful paint” (loading of primary content so it appears on the page) that matters because their add-ons load afterwards. ABSOLUTELY, NOT TRUE! Everything matters. These widgets are RARELY well designed and often suffer from bad hosting.

I’m sure you can remember a time when we load a page on a phone and start scrolling and it starts acting weird. Yes, first paint worked great but your phone is burning up trying to download so many files after which are required to make even basic functions work. The entire Enclyclopedia Britannica install on Windows in 2015 was 4.5 gigabytes. Most webpages (Just ONE PAGE) are over 2 gigabytes in “page weight”. No wonder people get frustrated with slow websites! Because bloated websites offer a terrible user experience and are unsustainable.

Sustainable website design requires a low page weight. We strive for a page weight 500GB or less on the home page when we build a new website. We are so confident about our design skills that we guarantee a Page Speed of 1.5 seconds or less (as measured by GTMetrix) when we build a new website.

SEO Benefits of Websites with Low Page Weight

In the past we have heard that ranking on search engines is impacted by speed. Well, it wasn’t true then because so much emphasis was placed on social media, backlinks and paid ads. Suddenly things are changing for the better. But only for well-built websites. Enter, Mobile First Indexing.

New with Mobile First Indexing is an increased emphasis is for the mobile website to include most of the content shown on the desktop version. All websites built by Empowered Marketing since 2012 work this way because they are Responsive. SEO benefits of having a lean AND responsive website can’t be denied. Having a well-built website improves your SEO Ranking and lowers your bounce rate.

Remember, If WPTechGuru takes over a bloated website, we will definitely make a difference in page speed and page weight. Still, it is not nearly as good as having lean website to begin with. So, save yourself the trouble of getting your website re-built properly by getting it done right in the first place!

WPTechGuru Google Audits 2019-09-07
Screenshot of this website’s Google Audit Results without throttling

Empowered Marketing clients benefit from:

  1. Lean Websites built by a Page Speed Expert
  2. Premium Hosting
  3. Great SEO
  4. Great Tech Support right here at WPTechGuru.com