Terms & Conditions

  • You understand that WP Tech Guru is a SERVICE of Frank’s Designs (Empowered Marketing, LLC).
  • You agree to indemnify Frank’s Designs—see details.
  • You agree to use strong passwords, we STRONGLY recommend that you use a password manager like LastPass.com.
  • If your website is compromised (hacked) and we discover the use of weak passwords you agree to pay up to $500 for website repair based on the hours to restore your site to pre-hacked condition.
  • You agree NOT to allow other people to use your login credentials. Just ask us and we’ll set up a new user account for anyone who needs access to your website back end.
  • You authorize us to install any plugin or change any code we deem necessary to maintain security of your WordPress installation.
  • You agree to check on your website from time to time and report problems as soon as possible, you could notice a problem before we do.
  • Customization or Redesign of your website is not included.
  • All premium themes and plugins for which Frank’s Designs has an unlimited license are included at no charge. If your website uses a premium (paid) theme or plugin and we need to purchase it to obtain the current version you will be billed for it and are responsible for the ongoing costs.
  • Email Hosting is NOT included unless specifically requested and may result in additional fees. Because email can be affected by events beyond our control; email management (solving technical problems with email) may cause additional charges even if email is hosted on our server. Solving complex email deliverability problems is billed at $120/hour.
  • If your website is poorly designed, or uses a bloated theme we can still speed it up dramatically but we can’t promise the kinds of speeds you can get with a well designed site; if you need a well designed site ask us!
  • Repairing pre-existing problems (error messages, non-functioning elements etc.) on your website is excluded. By entering an agreement with us you are authorizing us to repair of those pre-existing problems at a rate of $120/hour unless a programmer is needed. Programmer hours are billed at $150/hour.
  • Sometimes because of a conflict a plugin may need to be replaced. In that case we reserve the right to charge you for the time to replace and configure the new plugin. Typically this is 15 – 30 minutes. In a worst case scenario repairs specific to your website that take more than 2 hours to resolve may be billed at $120/hour. This is on a case by case basis. Typically a problem like this is due to obsolescence, incompatibility of a theme or plugin, or failure of plugin or theme developer to support their own product and/or failure to keep it (a plugin or theme) current.
  • Any Repair Services requiring a programmer to resolve may be billed at $150/hour. Typically this is a plugin or theme problem that the developer has ignored or failed to address in a timely manner.
  • You agree to use email as the primary means of communication. Phone requests should be limited to scheduling appointments and emergencies. Texting is not acceptable.
  • You agree to treat us with respect – verbal abuse, disrespectful behavior, childish behavior will not be tolerated.
  • By entering into an agreement with Frank’s Designs you affirm that your website isn’t used in malicious or illegal ways including spam, pornography, or bullying.
  • We reserve the right to change the pricing (you will be notified prior to any change) unless your pricing is grandfathered.
  • We reserve the right to modify the “Repair Service Details” and “Terms” at any time. Modifications will be either in your favor, or minor in nature. Major modifications will be brought to your attention.
  • We reserve the right to remove premium plugins licensed to Frank’s Designs when you cancel your plan. Plugins essential to the functioning of your website will either be replaced with free plugins OR left in place but with the license removed. To update premium themes or plugins left in place you need to purchase your own licenses or work with a webmaster that holds the same licenses.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Legacy Plans

The Essentials Plan has been terminated.

If you have the legacy Essentials Plan

  1. The plan does NOT include any Management Tasks — they are Pay as you go at $120/hour.
  2. You may upgrade at anytime.
  3. We reserve the right to upgrade your service and charge a higher fee at anytime.

If you have existing, files, code or hires a [3rd party] programmer outside of the relationship with Frank’s Designs:

Frank’s Designs has no obligation for files that are not part of WordPress. Upon request Frank’s Designs (WP Tech Guru) may offer to troubleshoot, and if possible resolve the problem. If troubleshooting doesn’t lead to a quick resolution you agree that problems with programming, integrations or applications not developed by Frank’s Designs are your responsibility and you agree to work with the developers or programmers and compensate them if necessary. Frank’s Designs will cooperate fully with 3rd party developers, programmers or integrators to help resolve problems quickly. If you need Frank’s Designs’ team to resolve a problem developed by a 3rd party we may charge hourly for our services.

If a problem appears immediately after we transfer your site to our server that is not quickly resolved we reserve the right to bill you for the time required to troubleshoot resolve the problem.


Website Tasks (Content Updates or “Priority Management Tasks”) are part of website management on behalf of the client. A task is one that doesn’t require any special coding, doesn’t require installation of any new plugin or code outside of the visual or text view in WordPress. Management tasks will be completed within 2 business days (we will strive to complete requests in less than 24 hours except on Weekends and holidays). Management time cannot be banked. Multiple small tasks can be combined. You agree to pay $120/hour if requests exceed 1 hour per month to complete. 

Minor fixes are not counted towards your task limits. These will be done for ANY plan at no cost. Examples are:

  • Typos
  • Changing text on a menu
  • Deleting a single word
  • Finding and replacing a word on a single page

If you have a major update that requires significant time to complete it will be billed at $120/hour. We will gladly add improvements and make design changes to your website billed at $120/hour. Programming changes are billed at $150/hour.

Emergencies include:

  • Site down or blank screen
  • Site hacked

Incompatibility Issues, Telecommunication Issues & Server Failure

Frank’s Designs is not responsible for incompatibility problems with hardware or software on your computer. Websites are designed to function well on current, up to date browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.

Frank’s Designs is not responsible for telecommunication issues between your location and the server. On rare occasions there may be a service interruption beyond my control. Frank’s Designs will address any major or minor server issues as fast as possible. Please report any issues in a timely manner.

Custom WordPress Web Design by Frank's Designs, WP Tech Guru is a service of Frank's Designs