What is the relationship between WordPress Tech Guru and Empowered Marketing, LLC?

Empowered Marketing, LLC is a web development and graphic design company that has always provided awesome customer support. WPTechGuru is a service provided by Empowered Marketing and was created to formalize the WordPress Maintenance and Technical support we have always provided to our clients. In addition, WPTechGuru provides an opportunity for those who have had their websites built somewhere else to have the benefit of a professionally maintained website.

Can I Cancel This Service?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Upon cancellation all premium plugins / services will be removed, free versions of the same plugins will be added in place of the removed plugins. This does not include caching plugins or plugins that require complex configuration. If the theme used on your site is a premium (paid) theme the license will be removed from the website and you or your future webmaster will be responsible for obtaining a license to enable upgrades. If you need to transfer your website to another webmaster there is no charge. The other webmaster will be expected to handle the migration. If we have to migrate your website for you the charge is $150.

Do You Offer Refunds?

When we provide immediate refunds:

  • When we refuse you as a client. We reserve the right to refuse any company for any reason.
  • If is extremely rare but IF, in the process of our review we discover something that prevents us from using our any of our tools and those obstacles can’t be removed.
  • When it is totally reasonable, see examples above.

Except for immediate refunds above there are no refunds for completed payments because so much effort goes in up front. Before we start maintaining your website we:

  • Backup the website
  • Implement Security Features
  • Check and Correct Site Settings
  • Audit Security of your Website
  • Migrate of your website to one of our Servers (unless your hosting is compatible)
  • Check the Page Speed
  • Improve Your Page Speed

Do I Have To Use Your Hosting?

If you have your own hosting we have little control over the settings, backups and more. Our Time is Valuable. If you have shared hosting or other low quality hosting it will make our work harder, slower and in many cases our software will not work. Our hosting is highly optimized for WordPress functions and blazing fast page speed. Hosting is FREE with all of our plans. If you are on our hosting, our tech support includes server management which you benefit from as a client because the performance of the server affects the performance of your website. If your site was created by Empowered Marketing, LLC, and you are on our hosting we can guarantee top tier page speed.

Our clients benefit from having their sites on a fully managed NGINX (Engine X) server optimize for WordPress, operating on the most recent, fastest  stable version of PHP. PHP is the main programming language behind WordPress. My clients benefit from the latest technology AND they are ahead of more than 98% of other website owners who are using older versions of PHP. Hosts and webmasters are often afraid to use the latest versions of PHP because it will break some websites that are older and poorly maintained. We run less of a risk because our websites are kept 100% up to date.

Do You Offer Email Hosting?

  • We Recommend Liquid Web Email Hosting for you under our account. Liquid Web email hosting is hosted on a separate server from your website and fully supported by our staff, OR
  • Google G-Suite (Gmail and other tools using your domain name), OR
  • Office 365

If you need unrelated IT Services for your company we can connect you with one of our partners.

What If My Site Has A Virus Or Other Malware Before I Start A Plan?

We will gladly help you with this problem but we charge $150/hour for the repairs before we start the services on any plan, plus any costs incurred. If a programmer is needed the rate is $175/hour. If necessary you authorize us to hire 3rd party to repair your website and you agree to pay the same hourly rates and/or cover the cost of hiring and managing the 3rd party. Note: Sometimes a site was created by a developer who wants to make it hard for us to migrate your website. This kind of effort is considered malware and will incur additional fees even if it is after migration. Upon payment you are agreeing to pay any additional invoices to remove malware from your website.

What If My Site Gets Hacked AFTER Starting a Plan?

This is included with all Plans as part of our Website Repair Service, the limitations are listed below the plans. There is no charge for costs incurred if a 3rd party is required to repair your site.

My Site was Custom Coded and is not a typical WordPress Site, Can You Help Me?

In some cases after a review of your site we may choose to refuse you as a client. Some designers, developers or coders use dozens of short codes or do very unusual things which can make working on a site extremely difficult and in some cases the site will break if transferred to another server. If this situation comes up we will restore your site to the original server and refund your money immediately.

Do you Include Reporting with Any of Your Plans?

Yes, All plans include reporting (if requested) including maintenance tasks performed, uptime reports and much more. Contact us if you are interested in additional SEO Reporting or Rank Tracking.

Do You Charge For Solving WordPress Problems That Are Essentially The Responsibility Of A Third Party?

We reserve the right to charge for solving problems in these situations. We try to avoid those problems by choosing plugins and themes very carefully and often use premium plugins that are well supported. When a vendor of a plugin or theme fails to support their product this puts a burden on us because we stand firmly behind our work. In those situations we will do our best to help you but we may elect to charge you for the work on a case by case basis. Sometimes we will resolve issues with our own programmers at our expense. See Terms & Conditions for code outside of WordPress.